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Disclaimer: I perform this trick on very rare occasions, and only for those who, in my eyes, deserve to read what I am about to tell them. In a decade of performing, I have performed this effect 3 times to date and every time, have given a unique and personal reading. I knew you above all would be suitable, and the fact that you are reading this right now proves that to me.

I think its safe to say that you're definitely a realist. Someone who, although has an inner child wanting to be amazed and filled with wonder, above all, you need to know the facts. I realise we just met but it's obvious to me that you have a strong character, that is exactly why you chose the card you did. You see, every subconscious decision you've made had some type intuitive meaning to it. I'm sure you've heard of those ink-blot tests that tell you you're either a nut or a sociopath (probably the latter in my case) or even how different colors can affect you're mood and decision making.  What I am going to tell you isn't a psychic reading. It is important for you to know that these are simply statements indicative of the inner workings of your subconscious mind in the exact moment we met, nothing more, nothing less. It is equally important to realise that had you chosen any other card, this reading would be entirely different. Let us begin.

The fact that you've chosen red tells me that by nature, you're someone who's reliable. Let's face it, there are two types of people in this world, just like there were two colors to choose from. Had you chosen black you might've belonged to the "other" group. By reliable I don't mean you get to work on time, although that might be something you do. You're reliable where it counts, to yourself. Your ability to cope with problems and decisions that life hands you has made you who you are today. It has shaped you in to someone independent and strong willed. There is also a male figure in your life who once tried to hold you back at some point and you use that experience to make you stronger when faced with obstacles. Good for you, just be careful who you put aside in those moments.

You then chose hearts. Needless for me to say, this speaks to your generosity and kindness. You have an amazing ability to walk in other peoples shoes, to experience what they are feeling and this empathic nature makes you a genuinely kind person at heart. Although your social circle is quite large, you only hold a select few people close to you. Probably something to do with the trust issues regarding a past relationship. Don't let that stop you from making new ones, you've learnt from the past and as a result become a better and more understanding person, use those attributes. Your new friends will thank you for it!

You were then hesitant between choosing number cards or picture cards... this choice was not as automatic as the previous two, and for good reason. You would think naturally people would have tendency to go with faces, maybe it's the idea of using pictures over numbers which might seem more interesting to a stimulated brain, when in reality it's rarely the case. People here will often try and make things more random, for the sake of trying to trick the magician and they will go with number cards. This is where you excelled. You were aware that I was performing a trick and that there had to be some sort of "skullduggery" at hand and yet you went with faces. You are an exceptional person. If ever there was a moment in your life where you thought "How am I any different?" this is one of those moments. This simple choice actually tells as much about your personality than if I had a conversation with you for hours. You know what you're worth, you also know deep down that that worth is growing by the minute, to put it simply, you're savvy, but you would rather not put all your cards on the table, it's in you to try and have the upper hand for as long as you can. Don't get cocky now, it isn't over yet.

You then chose the Queen. The mistress, the only female court card. The minority. This tells me that you enjoy some mystery, that the unknown is definitely something you think of quite often, whether by day-dreaming or even consciously. Part of your love for this mystery lies in the discovery itself, otherwise you would have never opened the pack of cards. A fresh sense of purpose with each new adventure. You crave change. Doing the same thing over and over again might suit most but not you, routine is necessary but too much of one thing will only prevent you from breathing. Follow your desire and be bold.

I hope you enjoyed this reading as much as I enjoyed performing for you. You're a very special individual and let the card I left you with be a reminder of that.